Two Sprints & A Shout Out (1 miles x 2)

I was planning on taking Nat out for an afternoon run, but as Robert Burns wrote, “the best layed plans of myce and the paerents of toddlers and nybarns oft gang alay.”  I did, however, have to pick up and drop of a Zipcar, and the lot is exactly 1 mile up Throop Avenue. (Side note — the parking lot is right by Woodhull Medical Center, which I just discovered was the shooting location for Black Swan.  Place always did seem creepy)

I used to ride my bike there, but it was stolen sometime last week, so of course running was the fastest way to get there.  Normally my runs are always at least 3 miles long; since I tend to go for distance rather than speed, I don’t see the point of shorter runs.  I like falling into a rhythm and letting my mind wander, not something that you can really do in anything less than 3 miles.  But since I had this short, necessary run to fit it, I figured I might as well see how fast I could do it, as I have been enjoying speed recently.  I didn’t have a watch on me, but from checking my phone I think I did the mile in just over 7 minutes, which isn’t too bad.  There is something enjoyable in the act of pushing myself not in terms of endurance but in intensity, in finding the edges of my limitations there as well and trying to force past them.  One of the great aspects of running is discovering that you can do a lot more than you assume if you are willing to embrace short-term discomfort.

So I got in a bit of sprinting, if not what I could call “a run.”  Tomorrow I’m going to give M some alone time with Angelica by taking Nat out for a run to Prospect Park, so I should finish the week of just over 20 miles, and on track for building up to some respectable millage.


In an unrelated note, a shout out to Sarah and Caitlin who finished the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon yesterday in just under 2:10!  (Sara is married to Patrick, one of the many people who make me seem normal)  This was the first ever Sleepy Hollow Half, and I had been planning on running it with them before Angelica so unexpectedly joined out lives.  The run sounded great — it was a small town race, and as a first time event not a crowded course.  The weather was also perfect for a long run yesterday, and I really wish I could have joined them.  Here’s Sarah’s description:

The race was great!  We finished in 2:09:57 and definitely had more fun than everyone else : )  We shared a pair of earbuds for the last five miles and broke out into sporadic song and dance every now and then.  The weather was lovely (though a little cold) and it was the most adorable race I’ve ever witnessed, as expected.  Lots of little girl scouts and boy scouts giving out water and gatorade.  Wish you could have been there!

Hopefully next year, I will be.  In the mean time, I’ve got a beautiful little girl fast asleep on my chest, and a toddler watching Sesame Street on the couch who is going to join me for a run in the park in a few minutes.


About Chris Van Dyke

I am a 33 year-old high school English teacher and long-distance runner. I live in Brooklyn with my partner, our 3 year-old son and 1 year-old daughter and a growing collection of muppets and trains. Besides running and teaching I like to draw, read, write, cook, and play the harmonica. While I didn't get to run my first ultra-marathon on my birthday, I've got a few more I've set my sights on. You can follow my (seldom updated) twitter feed @aboutrunning. I also blog as part of the Run Smiley Collective.
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2 Responses to Two Sprints & A Shout Out (1 miles x 2)

  1. caitlin says:

    believe it or not, sharing earbuds while running was not as difficult as it sounds! we also found it helped us keep pace with each other so one person doesn’t run ahead of the other… hence finishing at the exact same hundredth of a second!

    • Chris Van Dyke says:

      It did sound awkward, but I’ll take your word for it. M and I have kept nearly exact pace for half marathons (and the first 22 miles of a marathon, before she ditched me) so I can actually see it working. Good thing I wasn’t there, as an audio-splitter would have made things really difficult.

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