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Brooklyn Marathon: A learning experience (26.2 miles)

I had three primary goals in this weekends Brooklyn Marathon: 1) Finish 2) Have fun 3) Not get hurt I accomplished the first — jury’s still out on the other two. *** My alarm was set for 5:30 thus Sunday, … Continue reading

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Reluctant Tapering

Last Saturday, I cut my long run short, in part due to a weird twinge in my right ankle. I rested Sunday, then did my regular running commute to School Monday. This happened to coincide with my body deciding to … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Get Cheaper than Free!

Whether or not you’re tempted to go full-blow-crazy-hippie and run without shoes, anyone interested in the whole barefoot running thing should go download Jason Robillard’s The Barefood Running Book. The title may be understated, but the definite pronoun is accurate … Continue reading

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Less is More: My Quest for a Minimal Shoe

Two weeks ago, I ordered a new pair of shoes – the Altra Instincts. They are (so they claim) the first zero-drop non-minimal shoe on the market, and are my first pair of reduced running shoes. I’m writing up a … Continue reading

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Recovery Running (3.25 miles)

A recovery run is a short, slow run (for me, that’s 3 or 4 miles, at around a ten minute mile) used to shake out your tight muscles more than build any speed or distance,   A “recovery run” is something … Continue reading

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Making it Work (3.5 miles)

I really have nothing to say about today’s run, other than it proves I can keep running, even with my new, crazier life.  I was tired from little sleep, not happy about going back to work, and generally stressed, but … Continue reading

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Back in the Vibrams (2.5 miles)

I haven’t run for three days, ever since my 13+ mile run Wednesday, and as usual the down time was driving me nuts.  Not running Thursday was because it was a rest day after a long run; Friday it was … Continue reading

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All Over Brooklyn (2.5/3.35/2.65 miles)

Our post office is located a convenient 1.25 miles away from our apartment.  The end of our street is literally the edge of our zip code, so we live as far as possible from our post office, and it’s not … Continue reading

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Rambling About With My Son (4 miles)

Eventually, we will have had enough gorgeous spring days that I will stop ooh-ing and ah-ing and writing things like “Oh my God, this morning was absolutely glorious and beautiful beyond belief.”  However, since it’s only February, each of these … Continue reading

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A Morning Run with Star (3 miles)

Between having to leave the house at six each morning during the week and helping watch Nat on the weekends, I don’t get out for many early morning runs anymore.  Thanks to being raised by a father who believed sleeping … Continue reading

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