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An Open Letter to the NYRR Objecting to This Year’s Marathon

[UPDATE: About 45 minutes after I posted this, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYRR announced they were rescheduling the marathon.  While I which they would have done so earlier, as this late cancelation will create unnecessary inconvenience for the runners who had thought they … Continue reading

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“What Do You Think About For Seven Hours?”

When I tell people I’ve run for over seven hours (or even four, or three), one of the most common things people want to know is what do I think about during that long of a run?  It’s hard to … Continue reading

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If I Were Cold, I’d Be Wearing Pants

“It’s not summer time you know — its winter!” “Don’t you know its COLD outside?” “Did you see that crazy guy?  He’s running in SHORTS!” I’m used to leaving the occasional comment or shocked utterance in my wake almost any … Continue reading

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And it Has a Dilithium Powered Flux Capacitor!

If you’ve read this blog since its inception, you know that I’ve spent the last year transitioning to minimalist shoes.  I’m not quite the evangelical, radical barefoot advocate like many of my running associates, but I have really enjoyed the … Continue reading

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γνῶθι σεαυτόν

My decision of whether or not to sign up for the Bear Mountain 50K comes right as two of my running friends have also been writing about ultras and self-confidence, though to very different ends.  Vanessa’s most recent post is brimming … Continue reading

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Flirting with a DNF (The North Face Endurance Challenge)

I think I may have found my 50K. As most of you know, I was signed up for a 50K on my birthday back in January, but after months of anticipation I ended up not racing due to our crazy … Continue reading

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Art and Decay

Running through Flatbush, Crown Heights, and Bed-Stuy, I pass through neighborhoods brimming with histories both uplifting and depressing.   They are communities whose collective stories include opulence and crushing poverty; the violence of race-riots and self-affirming acts of artistry; architectural … Continue reading

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Running from the Old Year and into the New

With the changing of the years, I felt the need to write something. I’m trying hard to update this blog regularly, but doing so right now without it turning into a place to merely bemoan my personal life rather than … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Brooklyn Marathon

Although my ultra training schedule says I was supposed to run 4 miles the day after my marathon, I decided to take Monday off in deference to my knee.  It didn’t hurt when I walked, but a few test jogs … Continue reading

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Hello, Faceless Audience!

I was somewhat surprised to realize that my recent race report on the Bed-Stuy 10K was my 125th post; it doesn’t feel like I’ve been keeping this blog that long.  Also, checking my site stats, I’m somewhat past 8,000 page … Continue reading

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