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Bear Mountain 50K (7:37:42)

I’ve been trying to figure out where to start this post for a few days now.  I’ve got so many thoughts, and the experience was so immense, that every time I start I type I’m sure that there’s somewhere better … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Marathon: A learning experience (26.2 miles)

I had three primary goals in this weekends Brooklyn Marathon: 1) Finish 2) Have fun 3) Not get hurt I accomplished the first — jury’s still out on the other two. *** My alarm was set for 5:30 thus Sunday, … Continue reading

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Two Records (Bed-Stuy 10K Follow Up)

As I said in my race report, this last weekend I ran the Bed-Stuy 10K full-out and pushed myself as hard as I could. Since I haven’t been doing speed-work, I didn’t have any specific goals other than seeing how … Continue reading

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Bed-Stuy 10K (Race Report)

I think that “Races” might be the least used category on this blog.  I don’t really write race reports, because I haven’t really run many races in the last year.  I checked, and there are seven posts categorized under “races.” … Continue reading

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NYC Barefoot Run 2011

This last weekend was the 2nd annual NYC Barefoot Run — though the term “run” isn’t quite fitting.  Perhaps “Barefoot Happening” would be better, which also captures the easy, almost communal mood that seemed to permeate the entire event.  Besides … Continue reading

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Better Late than Never

One of the casualties of the Muddy Marathon a month ago was that I left my camera in New Jersey.  It’s taken a while, but thanks to Jen, the race director, it finally made it’s way home, so I can … Continue reading

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Besting Mud & Mountains, Bested by Hackensack (6.55 miles)

This last Saturday I ran my first real trail race, though it was much less a “race” than a “cross country adventure” where the course was designed by a particularly dedicated sadist.  The trail snaked through swamps, across and along … Continue reading

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Issue #0, Part 3: Not Born to Run

Previously on “When I Talk About Running:” Our hero weighs 220 pounds, smokes about a pack of cigarettes a week, but still doesn’t think he’s that out of shape.  But when he is called Old and Fat on the same day, … Continue reading

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Two Sprints & A Shout Out (1 miles x 2)

I was planning on taking Nat out for an afternoon run, but as Robert Burns wrote, “the best layed plans of myce and the paerents of toddlers and nybarns oft gang alay.”  I did, however, have to pick up and … Continue reading

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So I Almost Ran a 5K in Boston this Weekend (4 miles)

This weekend, M and Nat and I all headed out to the Boston area to do some visiting.  We stayed with our friends, Ryan and Summer, whom we hadn’t seen for at least two years, and also went to see … Continue reading

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