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The Run Smiley Collective: A group of runners who share my philosophy (perhaps that’s over-glorifying it) that running should be fun.  A lot of them run barefoot, and a bunch of them are from Canada, and getting to know them has been great.  We all write good stuff, so go read it.

Ramblings on Barefoot Running, Motherhood, and Life: Katie was the impetus for the Run Smiley collective, and she writes a pretty great blog about, well, the title is pretty apt.  And she’s from Canada.

Vanessa Runs: Another of the Run Smiley collective who has a keen blog.  (She’s also Canadian, maybe that has something to do with it.)  She’s got a picture of herself running 60K in a green tutu, and she laughs at my Anton Krupicka jokes, so I like her.





No Meat Athlete: Currently my favorite blog. Matt Frazier is pretty much just a normal guy whose first marathon time was nearly an hour slower than mine, but who pushedhimself to a 3:09 Boston Qualifying time, and is now doing ultras, all on a  vegetarian diet.  I find it inspiring, because he’s not super-human: I could do what he does, as long as I put in the dedication and effort.


Riding The Wind: Anton Krupicka, on the other-hand, is super-human.  Right now he’s rehabbing from an injury, so he only ran 86 miles last week — that’s just a little less than I tend to run in a month. When he’s in tip shape, he does insane things like log 194 miles in week; for a human perspective, I once ran 140 miles in one month while training for the NYC Marathon.  He came in second at the Rocky Racoon 100, finishing in 13:18:52.

iRunFar: Byron Powell sort of strikes a middle-ground.  He’s an ultra-runner, but not quite as inhumanly elite as Krupicka.  He has a lot of great race-reports and product reviews as well, and in general is a great resource for trail running.

ultrarunnergirl: Like in most sports, the media spotlight tends to fall on the boys of ultrarunning, despite the fact that the longer the distance of the race, the less and less of an innate advantage men have over women when it comes to running.  So I was glad to find Kristin C’s blog.

Scott Jurek: Scott doesn’t update this all that often, but that’s because he’s not really a blogger.  He’s too busy doing things like winning Badwater twice, winning Western States seven times in a row, and running 165 miles in 24 hours.  He’s pretty much every ultrarunner’s idol.


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  1. Fantastic post!! I totally agree running should be fun, thanks so much for recommending these great blogs too, better get reading eh? Thanks again!

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