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Art and Decay

Running through Flatbush, Crown Heights, and Bed-Stuy, I pass through neighborhoods brimming with histories both uplifting and depressing.   They are communities whose collective stories include opulence and crushing poverty; the violence of race-riots and self-affirming acts of artistry; architectural … Continue reading

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Scenes From My Commute

After doing a 15 mile round trip to and from the Upper East Side monday, it was back to more regular commute to and from Kurt Hahn.  Tuesday my lefts were a bit sore by the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Teacher In Service Day — An Excuse for a Long Run

Monday was a “Teacher In-Service” day — one of those handful of times each year where the kids don’t report to school but the teachers do, to do whatever mysterious things we do when our students aren’t around.  Its a … Continue reading

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Every Streetlight a Reminder (4.8 miles)

This weekend we once again borrowed the car from Frankie and Kate (or Frankienkate, as Nat refers to them singularly), and yesterday I planned dropped if off back near their place in Ditmas Park and run home afterwards. I’d forgotten … Continue reading

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Meeting Up in the Rain (12 miles)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a post by Susan Lacke over on NoMeatAthlete.com finally got me interested in Twitter.  During the #nmachat, I met Shannon, a runner who was just about to move from Charleston to Brooklyn. … Continue reading

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A Second Run to End the Day (3.33 miles)

After the wonderful, centering effect of my lunch run, my seventh and eight period had me on the verge of throwing things around the room and swearing again.  It’s never a good sign when I’m walking around the class-room, trying … Continue reading

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Rambling About With My Son (4 miles)

Eventually, we will have had enough gorgeous spring days that I will stop ooh-ing and ah-ing and writing things like “Oh my God, this morning was absolutely glorious and beautiful beyond belief.”  However, since it’s only February, each of these … Continue reading

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A Morning Run with Star (3 miles)

Between having to leave the house at six each morning during the week and helping watch Nat on the weekends, I don’t get out for many early morning runs anymore.  Thanks to being raised by a father who believed sleeping … Continue reading

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Ambling About Bed-Stuy (3.5 miles)

This week should have been a perfect week for many long runs.  I have the week off for New York City’s appropriately (if obviously) titled “Mid-Winter Recess,” a week-long break that I have never quite understood but nevertheless always appreciated; … Continue reading

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China Town to Bed-Stuy (4 miles)

When we moved from Washington Heights, we lost regular access to the Greenway, which has to be the best running and bike trail in all of New York City.  It runs, unbroken, for around 12 miles from Inwood Park all … Continue reading

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