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Twilight in Prospect Park

Since I haven’t found time to write anything this week, here are some pictures of my run last week through Prospect Park on an out-of-the-way run home.  One of the best parts of late-winter is the light at dusk . … Continue reading

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Art and Decay

Running through Flatbush, Crown Heights, and Bed-Stuy, I pass through neighborhoods brimming with histories both uplifting and depressing.   They are communities whose collective stories include opulence and crushing poverty; the violence of race-riots and self-affirming acts of artistry; architectural … Continue reading

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Scenes From My Commute

After doing a 15 mile round trip to and from the Upper East Side monday, it was back to more regular commute to and from Kurt Hahn.  Tuesday my lefts were a bit sore by the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Anabolic Music (4.5 miles)

I forced Friday’s run on myself, since I knew it would make me feel better.  I spent the entire day vacillating, and more than once had decided I was far too tired to actually run.  My alarm goes off at … Continue reading

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Sunrise Over the East River (12.5 Miles)

By the time the sun finally peeked over the sprawling expanse of Queens, I’d already run six miles, with a little more than six miles left to go until I reached my school.  I checked my watch: a little before … Continue reading

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Take A Load Off Annie (3.5 miles)

When I planned to run part of the way home Monday, I was thinking about how nice the weather would be, and how I hadn’t run in two days, and how I wanted to make sure I got in a … Continue reading

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Since I didn’t run today (figured my ankle could use two rest days) I thought I might finally get around to writing up my “buddhist running” post that keeps milling about in head, but I’ve had far too much to … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Layers (3 miles/3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve got conflicting responsibilities over my lunch hour.  On the one side, I really need to run: it helps me deal with the stress at work, makes me feel better physically, and keeps me in shape. Currently the … Continue reading

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