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21 Hours and Counting

Last night I picked up my number and chip from the North Face store on 73rd street and Broadway.  Angelica and I stood in a short line, then I handed my ID to a perky young woman behind a table … Continue reading

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One Week

In little over a week, I’ll be at the starting line of my first 50K.  I haven;t written anything in three weeks, because I haven’t had much to say about running.  I’ve been running to and from work almost every day, and … Continue reading

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Dreamers of the Day

Today I officially signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K at Bear Mountain.  I think I’ve written enough about my thoughts surrounding the race at this point — 2 months out, I don’t have anything to really add … Continue reading

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Alea Jacta Est

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and signed up for my first ultramarathon: the Watchung 50K.  I made running an ultra a goal about a year ago, but hadn’t fully committed to a race until just now.  I had almost … Continue reading

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First Run of Autumn (13.5 miles, and some other days))

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  The sharp bite to the pre-dawn air jolts you awake first thing in the morning, and in the evening the shorter days mean long shadows and the prolonged golden glow of sunset.  There … Continue reading

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“Why an Ultra?” or “Are you Crazy?”

Since my running has dropped off precipitously over the last week since staying home with the kids, it seems like an odd time to be writing about why I want to run an ultra-marathon.  I’ve dropped from a high of … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Towards 50K

I haven’t quite taken the plunge and signed up yet, but I think I’ve found my first ultramarathon and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my training schedule. The race I think I’m going to do is the Can Lake 50K. … Continue reading

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Still Running, Just not for the Rabbit

Today I got an e-mail from Jack Rabbit letting me know I was not one of the six runners selected for their “Run for the Rabbit” ad campaign.  While it sounded fun and I would have enjoyed the experience (obviously, … Continue reading

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Goals and Aspirations

Even though I’m currently reducing my mileage and taking things easy in order to help my Achilles tendon recuperate, these brilliant spring days are inspiring me to make a list of some of the running goals I have dreamed up … Continue reading

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