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Teacher In Service Day — An Excuse for a Long Run

Monday was a “Teacher In-Service” day — one of those handful of times each year where the kids don’t report to school but the teachers do, to do whatever mysterious things we do when our students aren’t around.  Its a … Continue reading

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Running a Half Marathon to Keep the Kid Asleep (13.34 miles)

The first part of today’s run started out slow and routine: 3.34 miles to the Gym Park so Nat could burn off some of the crazy, bouncing-off-the-wall energy he can’t quite get out around the new baby.  Since I ran … Continue reading

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Around Brooklyn (6.7 miles)

There’s a bike lane running along Tompkins Avenue right at the end of the block, which is great for when I run with Nat to gym class every Saturday morning.  While we often run on the sidewalk, the BOB stroller … Continue reading

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