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Under the GW Bridge (5.5 miles)

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but teaching is really stressing me out right now.  I’m very happy with my life at almost all times, except when I’m in front of my classes.  It’s probably a combination of the … Continue reading

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Goals and Aspirations

Even though I’m currently reducing my mileage and taking things easy in order to help my Achilles tendon recuperate, these brilliant spring days are inspiring me to make a list of some of the running goals I have dreamed up … Continue reading

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17 Miles At Dawn, Snowfall on the Hudson (17 miles)

I headed out the door this morning a little after 6:30 into the frozen darkness.  It was still nearly 45 minutes before sunrise, though the sky was beginning to turn from black into a muted grey.  Compared to yesterday, when … Continue reading

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