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Anabolic Music (4.5 miles)

I forced Friday’s run on myself, since I knew it would make me feel better.  I spent the entire day vacillating, and more than once had decided I was far too tired to actually run.  My alarm goes off at … Continue reading

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Running to Music, or: Daylight’s Savings is Killing Me (5 miles)

Last night I was sound asleep when Nat woke up and wanted milk.  I stumbled out to the kitchen to get a bottle for him, when I noticed the clock read “6:15.”  I blinked.  I rubbed my eyes.  Stupid clock … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts v. The Treadmill

I love to run.  I hate running on a treadmill.  Absolutely, positively loathe, despise, and (every other negative emotional verb that you can possibly imagine) running on a treadmill.  Perhaps it’s because a treadmill was how I started running: those … Continue reading

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