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Temporary Markers (3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve been unhappy with teaching.  I don’t know if it’s an early mid-life crisis or an existential crisis, but lately I’ve been feeling less and less satisfied with my job; not dissatisfied as in bored, but as in … Continue reading

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Checking a Bridge Off My List (3.1 miles)

Today was a short, three mile run, since I want to make sure to bring up my millage gradually again.  I headed out without a destination, assuming I would just repeat my run to Washington-Heights.  As I was crossing the … Continue reading

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A Morning Run with Star (3 miles)

Between having to leave the house at six each morning during the week and helping watch Nat on the weekends, I don’t get out for many early morning runs anymore.  Thanks to being raised by a father who believed sleeping … Continue reading

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Ambling About Bed-Stuy (3.5 miles)

This week should have been a perfect week for many long runs.  I have the week off for New York City’s appropriately (if obviously) titled “Mid-Winter Recess,” a week-long break that I have never quite understood but nevertheless always appreciated; … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Run to La Taqueria (4.75 miles)

Today, on Valentine’s Day, the weather was truly taunting us with its own meteorological love letter as it held out the prospect of spring: when I started my run from the school it was fifty-two degrees and pale-blue skies.  It … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts v. The Treadmill

I love to run.  I hate running on a treadmill.  Absolutely, positively loathe, despise, and (every other negative emotional verb that you can possibly imagine) running on a treadmill.  Perhaps it’s because a treadmill was how I started running: those … Continue reading

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China Town to Bed-Stuy (4 miles)

When we moved from Washington Heights, we lost regular access to the Greenway, which has to be the best running and bike trail in all of New York City.  It runs, unbroken, for around 12 miles from Inwood Park all … Continue reading

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On (Not) Running

Since the rather exuberant post following my 17 mile run into work on the 25th, I haven’t gone running once.  This five day dry-spell came about due to a number of factors: a crowded weekend schedule, 19 inches of snow dumped by (yet another) … Continue reading

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The Why and Wherefor

I started running about four years ago, but for the last few months I’ve felt an intense desire to write about my experience running.  If nothing else, this page will give my friends and co-workers some relief from having to … Continue reading

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