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“Should Have Worn Gloves” (18 miles)

Sometimes people ask me what I think about on long runs. Well, here’s what I thought about today during 18 miles in the freezing rain: “Damn, I should have worn gloves.” “Latte. As soon as I’m done, I’m getting a … Continue reading

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Acts of Transgression

Last week, I ran five miles home from my education workshops – five miles in the rain.  And not just a drizzle, but the wonderful sort of torrential deluge that can come out of nowhere in the summer, drenching pedestrians … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Long Run, Achiva, and a Head Cold

Since I’m a whole week behind in my running log, I’m going to hold off reviewing the Altra Instincts. Besides, I’ve only put a little over 7 miles on them, which isn’t quite enough to have an informed opinion yet. … Continue reading

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Monsoon Running (3.4 miles)

When I say that last Wednesday I went running in the rain, the image it brings to mind doesn’t do the run justice. “Today I went running in a monsoon” does the experience a bit more justice. When I left … Continue reading

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Achiva “Chia Chai Energy Drink Mix” (Review)

Last week, I wrote up a review for the Achiva “Energy Chews,” a product I liked quite a bit.  Before I headed on for my 12 mile run today, I decided to try the other product that Achiva had sent me, … Continue reading

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Meeting Up in the Rain (12 miles)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a post by Susan Lacke over on NoMeatAthlete.com finally got me interested in Twitter.  During the #nmachat, I met Shannon, a runner who was just about to move from Charleston to Brooklyn. … Continue reading

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Barefoot in the Rain (3 miles)

I got up at 3:45 to feed Angelica last night, and by the time I could lay her back down at 4:15, I figured I might as well stay up, since my alarm goes off at 4:45 anyways.  There was … Continue reading

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Car Keys, a Threat of Rain, and Another Bridge (5 miles)

I’ve wanted to see how long of a run I can fit into my lunch hour, and today I decided to aim for 5 miles.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are the only days I can really try to stretch my lunch … Continue reading

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Coogan’s 5K: Watch out Ryan Hall, Nat’s right behind you! (3.1 miles)

Back when M and ran together all the time, the Coogan’s 5K was one of our favorite races.  For one, the NYRR don’t put on many 5K’s (Coogan’s might be the only one at the moment), and its a really … Continue reading

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To Gym Park in the Rain (6.45 miles)

I don’t think I’ll be able to wax poetic about every run, so some reflections will be less verbose than others. Today, it was three and a quarter miles taking Nat in the jogging stroller to Greenpoint in the freezing … Continue reading

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