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Right Understanding: Rest & Recover (2.32 miles)

After doing 18 miles Saturday, Sunday was an off day and today was a recovery run.  I took my heart-rate monitor again, and made sure to keep my heart-rate below 135 the entire time, which (as I’ve said before) is … Continue reading

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Recovery Running (3.25 miles)

A recovery run is a short, slow run (for me, that’s 3 or 4 miles, at around a ten minute mile) used to shake out your tight muscles more than build any speed or distance,   A “recovery run” is something … Continue reading

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Boston, and Miscellaneous Runs

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon, which is pretty much the Holy Grail for most amateur long distance runners.  Why?  Because not only is it an old and storied race, but it is the only ways to get in are invitation … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Zoo (5 miles)

I had originally planned on today being  a rest day, what with yesterday being a 15 mile run, but then I decided to take Nat to meed up with his good friend Oscar a the Zoo in Prospect Park.  If … Continue reading

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