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Calling a Hiatus a Hiatus

I’ve posted before about how I’ve been updating this blog less frequently, but I think its gotten to the point I need to just admit it — “When I Talk About Running” is sort of in limbo.  I’m not calling … Continue reading

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(re)Born to Run: Teaching and Running, pt. II

I’ve spent the last day continuing to muse on the same issue – of identity, of changing your sense of self and what you are capable of — because I think in many ways it gets to the crux of … Continue reading

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Running After Orcs

While the central states are broiling, here in New York, the weather this last week has been idyllic – night-time lows in the sixties, day-time highs in the mid-eighties, with a steady breeze to temper the head and rustle the … Continue reading

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Summer Time, and the Runnin’ is Easy

It’s summer, which means its hot, which means runners get whiny. All week long, my twitter feed has been a-twitter with my fellow runners bitching about how miserable it is to run in the heat. Now, I’ll admit that some … Continue reading

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The Cornfields of Lancaster At Night

With two young kids, we don’t get a whole of vacations these days. This summer’s big getaway was a trip over the 4th of July weekend with our friends, Tara and Henry, and their two-year old son, who happens to … Continue reading

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It’s not the first 99 miles that count . . .

I’ve actually managed to run four days in a row, which as made me very happy, and means I (might) actually have some running to write about, if I ever have the energy or time to do so.  Right now … Continue reading

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Temporary Markers (3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve been unhappy with teaching.  I don’t know if it’s an early mid-life crisis or an existential crisis, but lately I’ve been feeling less and less satisfied with my job; not dissatisfied as in bored, but as in … Continue reading

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Achiva “Chia Chai Energy Drink Mix” (Review)

Last week, I wrote up a review for the Achiva “Energy Chews,” a product I liked quite a bit.  Before I headed on for my 12 mile run today, I decided to try the other product that Achiva had sent me, … Continue reading

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