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Soundtracking the Commute

Recently, I’ve been falling back on a crutch that I normally eschew for aesthetic reasons: the iPod.  I’ve written a few times about how I prefer to run without a soundtrack, to be in the moment with my breath and … Continue reading

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NYC Barefoot Run 2011

This last weekend was the 2nd annual NYC Barefoot Run — though the term “run” isn’t quite fitting.  Perhaps “Barefoot Happening” would be better, which also captures the easy, almost communal mood that seemed to permeate the entire event.  Besides … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Long Run, Achiva, and a Head Cold

Since I’m a whole week behind in my running log, I’m going to hold off reviewing the Altra Instincts. Besides, I’ve only put a little over 7 miles on them, which isn’t quite enough to have an informed opinion yet. … Continue reading

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Temporary Markers (3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve been unhappy with teaching.  I don’t know if it’s an early mid-life crisis or an existential crisis, but lately I’ve been feeling less and less satisfied with my job; not dissatisfied as in bored, but as in … Continue reading

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