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Barefoot in the Rain (3 miles)

I got up at 3:45 to feed Angelica last night, and by the time I could lay her back down at 4:15, I figured I might as well stay up, since my alarm goes off at 4:45 anyways.  There was … Continue reading

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Making it Work (3.5 miles)

I really have nothing to say about today’s run, other than it proves I can keep running, even with my new, crazier life.  I was tired from little sleep, not happy about going back to work, and generally stressed, but … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Layers (3 miles/3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve got conflicting responsibilities over my lunch hour.  On the one side, I really need to run: it helps me deal with the stress at work, makes me feel better physically, and keeps me in shape. Currently the … Continue reading

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