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Soundtracking the Commute

Recently, I’ve been falling back on a crutch that I normally eschew for aesthetic reasons: the iPod.  I’ve written a few times about how I prefer to run without a soundtrack, to be in the moment with my breath and … Continue reading

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Every Streetlight a Reminder (4.8 miles)

This weekend we once again borrowed the car from Frankie and Kate (or Frankienkate, as Nat refers to them singularly), and yesterday I planned dropped if off back near their place in Ditmas Park and run home afterwards. I’d forgotten … Continue reading

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Making it Work (3.5 miles)

I really have nothing to say about today’s run, other than it proves I can keep running, even with my new, crazier life.  I was tired from little sleep, not happy about going back to work, and generally stressed, but … Continue reading

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