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One Week

In little over a week, I’ll be at the starting line of my first 50K.  I haven;t written anything in three weeks, because I haven’t had much to say about running.  I’ve been running to and from work almost every day, and … Continue reading

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Choosing (7.8 miles)

“Reprimands will not bring the waves into line. Anger will not alter the winds. Sadness will not bring back the Gulf Stream. The greatest freedom allotted to any human being is the freedom to choose one’s attitude. Whatever the weather, … Continue reading

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Urban Trail Running (7.3 miles)

Anton Krupicka recently published a beautiful essay, “On Being Real,” on the Running Times site, explaining why he runs trails.  I love what he says about running, but came away feeling sort of annoyed as well, since the implication is that the … Continue reading

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