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Where Flatbush Ends

A lot of marathoners complain about the LSR — the long, slow run — but those runs are what I live for, the runs that make me not just like running but have me addicted to the sport.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Brooklyn Marathon

Although my ultra training schedule says I was supposed to run 4 miles the day after my marathon, I decided to take Monday off in deference to my knee.  It didn’t hurt when I walked, but a few test jogs … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Marathon: A learning experience (26.2 miles)

I had three primary goals in this weekends Brooklyn Marathon: 1) Finish 2) Have fun 3) Not get hurt I accomplished the first — jury’s still out on the other two. *** My alarm was set for 5:30 thus Sunday, … Continue reading

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Into the Woods

Sorry for the rather long caesura — in addition to all the usual excuses (kids, job, et cetera), I’m still recovering from spending a week in the woods with a dozen teenagers.  From early in the morning on October 31st … Continue reading

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“Should Have Worn Gloves” (18 miles)

Sometimes people ask me what I think about on long runs. Well, here’s what I thought about today during 18 miles in the freezing rain: “Damn, I should have worn gloves.” “Latte. As soon as I’m done, I’m getting a … Continue reading

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Circling The Park (21.5 miles)

I think I’m going to shelve the video update idea after only one entry; I’m not really a “vlog” sort of person, as I’m much more given to the rumination and rambling parallelisms of prose than the perfunctory concision needed … Continue reading

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