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Choosing (7.8 miles)

“Reprimands will not bring the waves into line. Anger will not alter the winds. Sadness will not bring back the Gulf Stream. The greatest freedom allotted to any human being is the freedom to choose one’s attitude. Whatever the weather, … Continue reading

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Car Keys, a Threat of Rain, and Another Bridge (5 miles)

I’ve wanted to see how long of a run I can fit into my lunch hour, and today I decided to aim for 5 miles.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are the only days I can really try to stretch my lunch … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Layers (3 miles/3.5 miles)

Right now, I’ve got conflicting responsibilities over my lunch hour.  On the one side, I really need to run: it helps me deal with the stress at work, makes me feel better physically, and keeps me in shape. Currently the … Continue reading

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Coogan’s 5K: Watch out Ryan Hall, Nat’s right behind you! (3.1 miles)

Back when M and ran together all the time, the Coogan’s 5K was one of our favorite races.  For one, the NYRR don’t put on many 5K’s (Coogan’s might be the only one at the moment), and its a really … Continue reading

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Under the GW Bridge (5.5 miles)

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but teaching is really stressing me out right now.  I’m very happy with my life at almost all times, except when I’m in front of my classes.  It’s probably a combination of the … Continue reading

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A Morning Run with Star (3 miles)

Between having to leave the house at six each morning during the week and helping watch Nat on the weekends, I don’t get out for many early morning runs anymore.  Thanks to being raised by a father who believed sleeping … Continue reading

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Warm Legs, Cold Hands (3 miles)

My recent meditations on Spring and the evils of the treadmill must have had an effect on me, because today I spontaneously changed my lunch-hour run: I was in my shorts and tank-top, on my way down to the cardio-room, … Continue reading

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