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Winter’s Not Done Yet (4 miles)

I think Winter must have taken umbrage at my recent insistence on shorts, because last night she decided to remind us that the solstice is still a bit off with yet another snowfall.  While it did drive me back into … Continue reading

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Along the Waters of South Norwalk (4 miles)

Nat and I were banished to M’s mother’s house for the weekend, as M has a legal appeal that’s due on Tuesday.  Her plan was to do lots of work at night while Nat was sleeping, but since Nat came … Continue reading

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Warm Legs, Cold Hands (3 miles)

My recent meditations on Spring and the evils of the treadmill must have had an effect on me, because today I spontaneously changed my lunch-hour run: I was in my shorts and tank-top, on my way down to the cardio-room, … Continue reading

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To Gym Park in the Rain (6.45 miles)

I don’t think I’ll be able to wax poetic about every run, so some reflections will be less verbose than others. Today, it was three and a quarter miles taking Nat in the jogging stroller to Greenpoint in the freezing … Continue reading

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17 Miles At Dawn, Snowfall on the Hudson (17 miles)

I headed out the door this morning a little after 6:30 into the frozen darkness.  It was still nearly 45 minutes before sunrise, though the sky was beginning to turn from black into a muted grey.  Compared to yesterday, when … Continue reading

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Nine Miles in the Freezing Cold (9 miles)

While saying its cold out might seem a bit redundant in January, today was exceptionally bitter — between the wind-gusts themselves and their accompanying 5 degree wind-chill, I was beginning to worry about the lack of feeling in my fingertips … Continue reading

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